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Luis Guillermo Fernandez Lovera, also known as lugufelo, was born and raised in Venezuela.
Seeking refuge from the political and social instability of his home country, he migrated to the United States. Many of his sculptures reflect the dichotomy between hard exteriors and deeper meanings, likely influenced by his early life experiences in a country riddled with contradictions and strife. Despite this, lugufelo's artwork is characterized by the use of vibrant colors, reflecting his positive outlook on life and his constant search for peace and happiness.

lugufelo is renowned for his unique perspective on geometric shapes and the kinetic movement created by layering forms and shapes. He draws inspiration from the works of Naum Gabo, Pablo Picasso, and Victor Vasarely, and briefly studied under the tutelage of the esteemed maestro, Jesus Rafael Soto. He incorporates these influences into his art, resulting in unique and dynamic pieces.

Currently, lugufelo resides and creates art in Venice, FL. His artwork is featured in private collections across the United States, Mexico, Norway, and Venezuela, as well as public installations and exhibitions worldwide.


My art is multi-dimensional, providing an integrated experience that engages multiple senses during the brief time that the audience interacts with my public work. I aim to create an immersive experience that goes beyond visual appeal, using various elements to fully engage the viewer and create a lasting impression.

Of course, the average person sees the actual metal art; they may even touch it or climb on it. However, a key component of my art is the casting of shadows that change as sunlight hits the object, creating a secondary dimension for the viewer. This interplay between the artwork and its surroundings adds depth and intrigue to the piece, providing a dynamic and ever-changing experience.
In addition, I often integrate computer-generated imaging into my work to create a unique and interactive experience. During darkness, lights, reflectors, or different computer images can be incorporated to provide a different type of shadowing. This dynamic approach to my work ensures that the viewer experiences something truly unique and memorable, as the artwork adapts and changes with its surroundings and lighting conditions.
Even the wind passing through my art provides an additional sensory experience. My goal is always to create an evolutionary piece that challenges the spectator to understand it at a deeper level over years of viewings, visits, and admiration. By engaging multiple senses and incorporating elements that change over time, my art creates a truly immersive experience that evolves with the viewer and continues to captivate long after the initial encounter.