Farhang Foundation - Los Angeles, California

Freedom: A Shared Dream
I seek to implement a permanent installation in the area specified, using metal to create a passage thru time. I have completed research and drafted designs on the subject of the Cyrus Cylinder, and have developed a specific model and message on which I would like to focus. This narrative serves as a brief introduction to the proposal, in order to visualize the completed project for the Farhang Foundation. From a young age I considered myself pro human rights, and throughout my life, I have witnessed civil rights evolve and take positive form. These experiences have influenced me as a person and as the contemporary artist I am now. Cyrus, along with the cylinder, is prime example that human equality is not a modern ideology.
The site that has been chosen, experiences heavy motorized and foot traffic throughout the year, thus creating a perfect location to install an artwork which was inspired by the Cyrus Cylinder. Commissioning the sculpture, will promote not only the city of Los Angeles, but also bring recognition to the Farhang Foundation. The sculpture will be constructed from thick Aluminum and powder coated in Yellow with possible dimension of 12ft by 20ft by 15ft, occupying the majority of the volume that is available for use. The sculpture will consist of 8 pillars arranged in two rows of four pillars, each gradually increasing in height as to show the passing of time as you drive by or walk around them. The well-organized rows will contrast the modern forms inspired by cuneiform shapes.