lugufelo Sculpture - Yellow Twister



lugufelo is known for his unique perception of geometric shapes and the kinetic movement created by layering shapes and forms.

Patchwork Butterfly


Available for purchase, this stunning 8FT (H) x 6FT (W) x 6FT (D) aluminum art piece, fabricated in 2012 and located at Rum Runner's Antiques in Nokomis, FL, is the first creation of all Standing Butterflies in Florida, symbolizing love, passion, and prosperity, captivating art lovers and collectors with its intricate details, inspiring joy and happiness as a symbol of power and good news, serving as a conversation starter and a source of inspiration, making it a must-have for art lovers, collectors, and those who appreciate the beauty and power of nature..
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lugufelo at Venice Art Walk

Clear Lodestone

"Clear Lodestone" is a stunning work of art that will captivate your senses and challenge your perceptions of reality. The aluminum abstract figure at the center blends seamlessly into the clear acrylic panels, leaving you wondering if it's breaking through a panel, falling into nothingness, or creating ripples in a calm pool of water. This art piece is perfect for collectors who appreciate contemporary art. It invites you to explore and discover new perspectives, challenging your perceptions of reality and encouraging you to explore the nuances of light and texture. Don't miss your chance to own this unique work of art that will stand the test of time and continue to captivate art enthusiasts for generations to come.
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Blue Butterfly by lugufelo


PURPLE BUTTERFLY, Aluminum wet paint, Venice, FL, Available for Purchase. Fabrication Year: 2018. Rare and breathtaking, purple butterflies captivate with vibrant, iridescent wings shimmering in sunlight. Adorned with intricate patterns, they symbolize transformation, hope, and renewal across cultures. These creatures carry spiritual messages, offering guidance and wisdom. Sadly, habitat destruction, climate change, and pollution endanger their existence. Protecting them ensures future generations can marvel at their beauty and wonder.
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Loadstone projection by lugufelo


LODESTONE PROJECTION Media: Aluminum Wet Paint Location: lugufelo Art Studio Size: (H) 5FT x (W) 5 FT x (D) 2 FT Year: 2020 Lodestones, used by ancient Greeks and Chinese, aided navigation and divination, inspiring China's magnetic compass. Today, they're crucial in magnetometers, compasses, and electronics. Some alternative medicine practices attribute healing properties to lodestones.
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About lugufelo


Luis Guillermo Fernandez Lovera, aka "lugufelo," is a Venezuelan sculptor whose multidimensional style features geometric shapes and materials like aluminum, steel, and wood. lugufelo's interactive sculptures enhance the sensory experience. Trained by Soto, he finds inspiration in Gabo, Picasso, and Vasarely. Based in Florida, lugufelo is a member of the Florida Association of Public Art Professionals and has garnered numerous awards. His art enjoys global recognition.
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HAND by lugufelo


Experience the captivating allure of "Hand" - a stainless steel marvel celebrating Native American cultures. Crafted with precision, this masterpiece pays homage to strength and resilience. Symbolizing freedom, spirituality, and protection, it's part of the esteemed "First Sons and Daughters" series, embodying the beauty of nature and humanity. Elevate your collection with sophistication and cultural significance. Don't miss out on this must-have artwork. Available for purchase now!
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All lugufelo designs can be used in multiple applications, including building facades, ceilings, shades or integrating it in big formats on most architectural projects. The beauty of art in construction is that pieces can be designed to best suit the developing project, and in many cases can be tailored to do more than just beautify the area. lugufelo’s art can be used as integrated pieces, including railings, shades, benches, and other functional pieces that will satisfy design requirements, as well as beautify spaces.