I always make my designs usable in multiple applications, including building facades, ceilings, shades or integrating them in large formats on most architectural projects. The beauty of Art in construction is that pieces can be designed to best suit the developing project, and in many cases, can be tailored to do more than beautify the area. Art can be used as integrated pieces, including railings, shades, benches, and other functional pieces to satisfy design requirements and beautify spaces. 

 The infusion of Art into construction is the perfect medium for my work, skills, and interests. My work can be scaled and adapted for any project. I’m always looking for partnerships and opportunities to place the artwork. The recent surge of requirements for major construction projects to invest in public Art through straight out purchases or donations to art funds means contractors and developers need someone they can trust to fulfill this requirement, too. My professional team is available to discuss the opportunity to be your partner!