Sunday, September 26, 2021 lugufelo

I believe Public Art has to be built thinking in the interaction between the community, government, commercial businesses, and the art in the chosen location. Sometimes public places are challenging for installing public art because the number of pedestrians could be demanding, especially nightlife places that involve many adult distractions and hobbies that possibly encompass a change of behaviors.

In my opinion, the sculpture should stand together if the traffic of pedestrians is as expected and the subject work isn't vandalized; it should survive the "normal use" (the piece will never be indestructible; that is something understandable).

Saturday, August 21, 2021 lugufelo

I always make my designs usable in multiple applications, including building facades, ceilings, shades or integrating them in large formats on most architectural projects. The beauty of Art in construction is that pieces can be designed to best suit the developing project, and in many cases, can be tailored to do more than beautify the area. Art can be used as integrated pieces, including railings, shades, benches, and other functional pieces to satisfy design requirements and beautify spaces. 

 The infusion of Art into construction is the perfect medium for my work, skills, and interests. My work can be scaled and adapted for any project. I’m always looking for partnerships and opportunities to place the artwork. The recent surge of requirements for major construction projects to invest in public Art through straight out purchases or donations to art funds means contractors and developers need someone they can trust to fulfill this requirement, too. My professional team is available to discuss the opportunity to be your partner!

Sunday, July 04, 2021 lugufelo

I would like to reflect on this important holiday that I have been celebrating since the first year I arrived in this beautiful country twenty-three years ago. This is the best country in the world in many ways. The “Land of the free and the home of the brave” became my home, my country, and the place to raise my children and for me to grow as a better person. A place to live, love, and die for without thinking twice. I want to thank many people past to present for making this country what it is, and making it possible for people such as me to move here and become part of this great experiment in democracy. We have to keep passing on our love for this nation. May God bless America, the land that I love.

Saturday, June 26, 2021 lugufelo

In my opinion, we need communities of people, young and mature, who feel a vibrant connection to their environment. Every member of the community plays an important role. For example, the cab driver and the business owner have a conversation while traveling on an avenue. They pass by a public art installation outside a building or in a park setting that generates different points of view in their discussion, which are equally important to me, as an artist. If they have different or similar opinions about location, size, shape, color, etc… it's irrelevant; what is relevant is that the artwork has generated the desired outcome, social interaction between two humans rather than silence. 

Art in public spaces is accessible to everyone and not restricted to galleries or museums. In addition to this, it makes towns and cities more colorful and attractive, stimulates community pride, improves the economy, generates a sense of identity for the particular location where people can connect on a daily basis to their surroundings and its history. Finally,  it can serve as a source of inspiration for people attracted to visual stimulation and people who just need to pause and appreciate art in a natural setting or on a street.