It represents the highest state of spiritual attainment, the end of the path, the true nature of reality, a direction, rather than a goal.

This little guy is part of the "FantaSea Venice" Public Art Project. “FantaSea Venice” is a public art project with all proceeds benefiting the Venice Art Center in support of our programs, the arts, and tourism for the community of Venice, Florida, and our local artists. In partnership with “FantaSea Venice” sponsors, we will create unique designs for 25 fiberglass mermaids and 25 fiberglass seahorses.

“FantaSea Venice” will be the third public art display of this nature that the Venice Art Center has produced. These events are modeled after “Cows on Parade”, which occurred in Chicago in 1999. Hundreds of cities followed suit with similar campaigns and each experienced an increase in tourism, individual business revenue, and community participation.

A very special thank you to the Venice Art Center for letting me be part of this amazing project that provides so much to Venice's community. It is a real honor to be a local artist in this beautiful city full of wonderful people.