Seasoned metal sculptor, lugufelo, has been creating large-scale public art for nearly two decades. Born in Venezuela, lugufelo has been inspired and influenced by one of the great masters of kinetic design, Jesus Rafael Soto, under whom he studied for a while. He also draws inspiration from Naum Gabo, Pablo Picasso, and Victor Vasarely. lugufelo came to the United States in the early 1990s to escape the deteriorating situation in his country and became a US citizen in 2009. lugufelo’s work is known to be bright, energetic, inspiring, and full of optical illusions. The infusion of contemporary art and natural spaces has always been a focal point for lugufelo. The artist believes that contemporary art, given its crude elements, can often give the user of a natural space a mental “pause,” which, in turn, heightens the experience of nature upon the eye’s return to the natural element. It is lugufelo’s mission to see, reflect, and enhance this juxtaposition between nature and art, which is why public art is his number one passion. lugufelo also has a series of gallery art pieces that challenge the viewer’s perspective on geometric form and reality. When produced as large-scale projects, these works and supporting concepts utilize natural light to create a secondary dimension via shadows that move and change as the day progresses. On a smaller scale, many of these gallery pieces use computer animation to challenge the viewer’s perception of reality and illusion.