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Majestic Palm

You still have a chance to experience the lugufelo’ MAJESTIC PALM sculpture at Tamarac Florida until February 2024.

A “Museum Without Walls,” Inspiration Way is a temporary sculpture program that promotes the appreciation of fine art, enhances outdoor spaces and enriches lives. It’s located on Nob Hill Road between Commercial Boulevard and McNab Road.

The program seeks artwork that’s compelling to both residents and visitors - connecting neighborhoods within the City through art. Each sculpture is for sale, with 25% going into the City’s Public Art Fund.

New location coming Soon!

Medium Summer Sensation Bouquet

Sculptor lugufelo Donates 3D Printer to Venice Elementary School.

Sculptor lugufelo donated this year a 3D printer to Venice Elementary School to help spark creativity and innovation among young minds.

The printer will be a valuable addition to the school's art department, providing students with a unique opportunity to explore the exciting world of 3D printing technology.

With this gift, lugufelo hopes to inspire a new generation of artists and inventors and to encourage them to push the boundaries of what's possible.

The school community is grateful for lugufelo's donation and excited to see what amazing creations the students will produce with their new tool.

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New members on our sales team

This year "lugufelo," expanded his creative horizons by welcoming new members to his sales team. lugufelo is a renowned sculptor whose innovative and sensory-rich sculptures have garnered acclaim worldwide. With his artistry, lugufelo is now poised to bring his art to an even wider audience. His multidimensional sculptures, crafted from aluminum, stainless steel, and wood, have taken us on sensory journeys that blend geometric precision with the elements of nature.

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Stay tuned for new location!

Sculptor Luis Guillermo Fernandez Lovera, aka "lugufelo," announces the relocation of his art studio. Known for captivating sculptures with simple details and thought-provoking themes, lugufelo's move reflects his commitment to artistic growth. The new venue promises creativity and innovation, offering a unique opportunity to connect with his art. Stay tuned for updates on lugufelo's latest creations at

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Sculptor lugufelo joins FAPAP.

Sculptor Luis Guillermo Fernandez Lovera, "lugufelo," joins Florida's Public Art Professionals Board, solidifying his global prominence.

FAPAP values his innovative sculptures and fresh perspectives.

His dedication enriches Florida's artistic landscape, celebrating art's transformative power in public spaces.

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What is on 2024? 

3D Exhibition Stuns at Venice Art Center during Venice Art Walk 2024

Artist lugufelo is preparing to immerse you in the mesmerizing world of his latest virtual reality exhibition. Step into a captivating realm where you can fully immerse yourself in his unique artistic vision, as he unveils his brand-new and awe-inspiring creations.

This extraordinary experience is set to unfold at the prestigious 2024 Venice Art Walk, hosted by the esteemed Venice Art Center. Don't miss the opportunity to journey into a realm of artistic splendor and innovation unlike any other.